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January 5, 2012
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Waiting For Superman?

Have you ever wondered how Superman always seems to show up in the right place at the right time?

Since 1938, there have been nearly 2,000 Superman comic books written and while I’m definitely no expert in this area, I’ve noticed that it seems like Superman’s alter ego is always in close proximity whenever there is trouble brewing. So at first, I wondered…how does Clark Kent…this mild-mannered reporter with The Daily Bugle newspaper always find himself at the scene of the crime? But then I came up with an even better question and I want to share it with you: ladies, what if every man was like Clark Kent…and the only thing that sends him scurrying for the nearest phone-booth to turn into Superman…was that he was needed?

Understanding Men

Ladies, here’s something you should know that will hopefully change some of your attitudes and beliefs about men that may not be serving you…and it also explains why Superman remains one of the most popular and enduring characters of all time. Inside the heart of every young boy lies an irresistible desire to be a HERO. Whether it’s a young boy with a blanket tucked into his collar for a cape…who dreams of becoming a policeman, fireman or astronaut…or a young man who puts on the uniform of his country and goes off to war…that desire never really goes away. Of course, some boys grow into young men and enter other professions but if you think about it, the very act of protecting and providing for another…is in itself, a heroic act. Isn’t it? Yet how many who do it selflessly get treated as heroes by those for whom they provide?

So How Can We Use This?

If you want to change your relationship with any man, find a way to make him your hero and let him know it. Although I teach this to my clients also, one of my mentors, Alison Armstrong, is a pioneer in this area and her research is changing the world with every person who learns it. I highly recommend her CD “In Sync With The Opposite Sex™” which is why I have a link to purchase it from my very own website. If you’re interested in getting it, just follow this link and scroll down to order the 4-CD package of a live seminar. If this information doesn’t transform your relationship with every man in your life, please call me personally and we’ll discuss it; I believe in it that much.


A Little Research in the Field

I know first-hand how transformational this information is and my girl, Katrina, has shown me how powerful it is in more ways than one. Let me give you an example…and ladies, I hope you will try it for yourself…maybe even make it a habit?

When another man opens or holds a door for Katrina, she pauses, looks him in the eye and gives him a very sincere and appreciative thank you. In fact, she often uses words like “aren’t you a hero?” or something to that effect. Without fail, I see his chest literally puff up (as if it was fit for a Superman logo) and a smile forms on his face. Mind you, this is not about manipulation in any way. It’s simply a beautiful gift – with no strings attached – of recognizing a man’s deepest, innate desire after he’s already extended a courtesy of his own free will.

More than anything, we all want to be recognized and appreciated which is why this simple, yet profound act is such a beautiful way to “pay it forward” and make someone’s day. Now that you understand a little better what actually drives a man, why not just give it in a spirit of selfless generosity? You just may be surprised by the response you get…so please call or write to let me know what you discover when you do it!

The Bottom Line

So often I hear women complain of men who don’t commit or aren’t emotionally available and it’s true…there are a lot of men out there for whom that seems to be an accurate description. But let me ask you this. How many of those men have ever been in a relationship with a woman who absolutely adores them, never emasculates them, makes them feel loved in the way they want to feel it and treats them every day like the hero they’ve always wanted to be…ever since they were a little boy? Probably very few, right? The truth is, when you love a man like he’s never been loved before…the way he’s always wanted to feel loved…do you really think he’s going to let you get away and let some other man have you? It’s not very likely. Trust me.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in a relationship like that? Sounds like a “legendary love for life” to me…why not give it a shot?

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