“When I first met Dave I was single…I had pretty much given up hope…(and) officially given up looking for a perfect partner. Talking to Dave really helped me. (Then) I met a wonderful man…and two months ago…I married him! If you are a single professional woman and you think there are not enough quality men out there, please talk to Dave and he will help you.”

– Noshin Q.

“With (Dave’s) help, we were able to finally resolve our problems and at the same time, we took our entire relationship to a whole new level…today we’ve been happily married for years…we were both so grateful to Dave, we asked him to be our legal witness and sign our marriage certificate.”

– Heather O.

“(Dave) was critical in helping me be aware of unconscious perspectives I had regarding my relationships to men and myself…I’m pretty sure the new glow and energy I had led me to the man that…a year later…would become my husband!”

– Jennifer C.

“Sometimes…things, when they’re right there in front of you, you just don’t connect all the dots. I don’t know why because it should just be so obvious but (Dave’s) that person on the outside who can see exactly the dots you’re not seeing and help you focus your attention there. And I am SO GLAD that we did because he was able to give me an understanding about myself and stuff I was holding onto. I was in that relationship way too long!”

– Pamela

“I was in the middle of…a very challenging, toxic relationship…(so I signed up for coaching with Dave)…eventually I got to the point where I…ended the relationship. And to cut a very long story short, I met the love of my life. We’re now married..I know for sure that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the help Dave gave me…it was the best value for money that I’ve probably come across.”

– Simon

“Hi, my name is Christina and I am so, so, so honored to share with you my experience working with Dave as my relationship coach…Dave stopped me from hustling for love and just being love. I’m now just embodying love. I love my life and I love myself and all that I’m creating. I trust in God and the universe that my partner is here and he is going to physically show up any second. And I’m not worried about it any more. I’ve let it all go. I just trust and believe and just keep doing what I’m doing to be the light that I am. He’s going to find me; he’s here!”

–Christina W.

“I can say now that 2 years later, after getting on the right path, that I’m down 140 pounds, I’m in an amazing relationship with a woman I absolutely love and my life is just getting better all the time. So if you’re thinking about doing coaching with Dave, I highly recommend him. He’s a great guy, an amazing human being and just a fantastic coach so I couldn’t recommend him highly enough”

– Kal I.

“We had come to a point where we just couldn’t agree to disagree. We were at an impasse in our relationship. Dave helped us get down to the underlying issue and cut down to what was really important. He was able to work through it in a methodical way and bring us to a conclusion. It’s going to be a much better weekend than last weekend.”

– Anmarie & David

“Over a cup of  coffee, the majority of my problems in my marriage have vanished…if you have a problem in your relationship, this is the guy to talk to because he is absolutely amazing.”

– Brad B.

“Dave could break down the very complicated concept into very easy small to deal with pieces then put it all together at the end…I can highly recommend a coaching session with Dave…”

– Ike B.

“It was nice to find out that some of the things we thought were so bad weren’t so bad…and we are actually engaged now…yay! “

– Wendy B.

“We learned a lot about each other…We think it’s going to make a big difference…it opens up communication to get honest with yourself and your partner.”

– Victor & Lynnette