The H.U.G. & K.I.S.S. Hierarchy CD Program

This powerful audio program from the Transformation Toolkit series is designed to be a game changer. If you have trouble in your relationship…or if you just need some good advice to take it to the next level…or if you want to learn how to make your next relationship A Legendary Love for Life, this audio will give you the secret to a long-lasting love affair that never ends. Developed by Relationship Coach, Dave Elliott, this recording will give you the framework to understand how you can love your partner the way they NEED to be loved. So many people go into relationship hoping for the best – but then they make the same old mistakes that bring out their worst. This program will give you the tools to KNOW exactly how to own your partner’s heart and soul. In fact, it’s so powerful, you don’t even need both partners working together…one partner can transform a relationship and bring it back from the edge when they understand these secrets. We all deserve more love…wouldn’t right NOW be a great time to get it?

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What is a Legendary Love For Life (cut 1)
Your Partner’s Attraction Strategy (cut 2)
The Value of the Hierarchy (cut 3)

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"Dave, your CD is a single girl’s guide for those who are serious about finding a relationship that works for them! Now I know exactly what to look for and how to communicate what I need!

I kept thinking about buying it because I knew I needed something and I’m so glad I finally did! “The H.U.G. & K.I.S.S. Hierarchy” hit me like a tidal wave because it really helped me take back a huge part of myself that I just ignored for a long time! I now know how important physical touch is to me even though I pushed it aside for so long because it seemed like it was always misunderstood in the past. Now I realize how much I was cheating myself and I won’t do that again. I know that if others misinterpret my sensuality and warmth, I don’t need to retreat or withdraw. I can simply choose to move forward or just say “no, thank you.”

I now see how that was holding me back because your CD brought it to light. It gave me the pieces I was missing and it’s all coming together. I know what works for me now and I have a great compass and map for the road forward. I’ll be able to make an honest assessment now without all the garbage and judgment so that together we can bring out our best & honor both of us. I don’t want to play small any more and I’m ready to be the person I was born to be. Thanks, Dave!"

– Gabi

"Dave, I absolutely loved the HUG and KISS hierarchy that we learned on your Legendary Love for Life CD. We solidified some stuff we already knew about each other and learned some new stuff. What was best was having another set of common vocabulary from which to discuss our relationship. Great stuff. I thank you for creating such marvelous material and sharing it with the world."

– Gina S


Learn the 9 secrets to attract, captivate and keep the man of your dreams


So many of my clients have struggled in their relationships with men. Guys who check out. Run the other way. Won’t commit. Sometimes they even argue more than they talk.

That’s why I created my Man M.A.G.N.E.T.I.C.S. Formula™ and a series of absolutely free videos! I’m not talking about a couple of quick video tips either. I’m talking about me recording HOURS of some of my best content – and it’s all hosted right here on the web where you can access it 24/7 – right when you need it most.

In these videos, I share some absolutely game-changing information that is making a real difference for the thousands of women who’ve visited my site and gotten results! That’s because I’m teaching them exactly what makes the difference between a woman who’s seen as a “keeper” – and one that men will keep away FROM! If you want to stand out from the other 95% of the women who don’t have this information, you owe it to yourself to check it out now!

Just check out some of the great comments from these enthusiastic ManMagnetics fans!

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Here’s just a sampling of the content I cover


Video # 1 The Man Magnetics™ Formula

How to bring out the best in men…rather than suffer through their worst


Video # 2 The Polarity Principle™

How it all works...and how to get it back when it doesn’t


VIDEO # 3 Communicating To Connect™

How to stop self-sabotaging & get what you need.


VIDEO # 4 Calling In Mr. Right™

How to attract the exact right man for you

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Compat-Ability™ Profiles

A DiSC-based trouble-shooting assessment for couples

As a Relationship Coach, I frequently get called in when there’s a problem between two people in a relationship. Often times, I quickly see that the root of the issue is a somewhat obvious (if you know what to look for) and predictable conflict between personality types. That’s why I decided to offer a more PROACTIVE solution that I call a Compat-Ability Profile™.

Everything DiSC Circular Model

Based on the well-known and widely used DiSC Personality Assessment, I offer an in-depth and customized 70-page report detailing your individual personality “type” including your preferences in interacting with others. That, alone, is fascinating and incredibly valuable information.

However, I take it far beyond that! My Compat-Ability Profile reviews the assessments of BOTH partners and specifically looks for potential “pinch-points” or trouble-spots that could pop up based on your interactions as a couple. For instance, what approaches will infuriate your partner – and which ones will melt them and deepen your relationship? Who should take the lead in what areas – and where might it be a good idea to defer to your partner? How does your partner need to receive information – and what shuts them down? Can you see how important this information would be in identifying who’s a potential a life-time partner – and who might very well create a great deal of pain mentally, emotionally and financially?

Here’s what you get:

  • (2) In-depth, 70-page reports customized for each partner ($1,000 value)
  • Your customized Compat-Ability™ Profile outlining potential trouble spots with suggestions on how to mitigate and avoid those issues. ($500 value)
  • A 1-hour coaching session to present the findings, offer suggestions and instruction ($300 value)

Total value: $1,800 available for a limited time at

$395 Introductory Rate

Makes a great wedding gift!

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