You might be surprised how many invisible ways good people like you can self-sabotage their own desire for love.

Check out this podcast if you want to discover just how YOU may have been inadvertently pushing love away, too!

Let me show you how to heal those old blocks and attract the love you deserve instead!

If you’re a woman who’s ever been frustrated by dating or relationships, you may have asked yourself or someone else some variation on this very painful and personal question.

“Why haven’t I found love yet?”

If that sounds at all familiar, YOU are the reason this podcast was created. Hosted by international relationship coach, Dave Elliott, you’ll hear him speak with other women volunteers and help them discover the unresolved blocks hiding in plain sight that hold them back and sabotage them again and again. Even though you’ll know he’s speaking with them, oftentimes, you just might swear he’s speaking to YOU because the stories sound so “familiar.” Perhaps best of all, as his guests experience multiple, life-changing breakthroughs, you will find yourself coming away from each episode with some eye-opening new distinctions of your own that have the power to change EVERYTHING. If you’re ready to find the love you so richly deserve, this is the very best place to start.

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