At Legendary Love For Life, we specialize in helping smart, successful women who’ve struggled in their past relationships to finally heal their old wounds and learn how to bring out the very best in men rather than suffering through the worst from them. The client testimonials below offer a shining example of what’s possible when it all comes together beautifully. They are all now engaged or married to  really good men who adore them.

Take a look at what my clients had to say about working with Coach Dave Elliott and Legendary Love For Life:

Let Go Of Potential And Embrace Love!

“I was fortunate enough to work with Dave when I was in a 3-year relationship that was going nowhere. I had lost some of my self-confidence and my worth and being able to openly talk to Dave about it changed my life! After my first session with him, I knew what had to change and this relationship was not fulfilling my desires or the life I wanted to lead. I had chosen to focus on a person and their “potential” instead of my own dreams and desires. Thanks to this brand new perspective, I decided to stop waiting and playing a game I could never win. I also stopped trying so hard to be “enough” for a man who was unavailable and I began to pursue the life that I actually wanted. That decision really helped me get my confidence back and the great news is that I soon met a man who pursued ME. I didn’t have to convince him of my value. He actually saw it straight away and chose me! Now we are very happily engaged! I could not have done this without Dave’s help, nor restore my confidence so quickly. Dave has an ability to dive in deep and pull you out of whatever situation you find yourself in with the absolute knowing that you are not alone and he has your back every step of the way.”

– Rebecca

Ending The Cycle of Self-Sabotage

“I did private coaching sessions with Dave Elliott when I was at the end of my rope. I had been in a series of dysfunctional relationships and I was trying to find real love. I had never had a good relationship and I was anxious and nervous about the whole process. Dave helped me tremendously. He gave me valuable insights into a man I had just started dating. These insights allowed me to appreciate the good in a man I had just met and not be so focused on my insecurities and anxieties.

I’ll never forget Dave explaining to me that sometimes men live through their loyalty. This stuck with me and allowed me to appreciate how my man loves me. These words of wisdom combined with Dave really taking the time to understand me and help me see my own worth, led me to enter a relationship in a new way. Two years later we are engaged! I’m forever grateful.”

Jamie C.

From Broken To Breaking Through

“Relationships aren’t easy and they can be even more challenging when your own self worth has taken a battering over years and years in past relationships. Many sessions with Dave brought me to a better understanding of myself, my man (now my husband) and the value of self worth, vulnerability and unconditional love. I’m grateful for the learnings, guidance and support that I received through coaching. Thank you, Dave, for holding the space for us to grow and love even more.”

Cheryl-Lee D.

Amy Found The Love Of Her Life

“I’ve seen Dave Elliott and his wife speak in New York numerous times and they always gave me something to think about when it comes to love and partnership. The last time they were in town, I brought my boyfriend with me and it led to some great conversations. In fact, Dave and Katrina interacted with us directly at the meeting. Dave is a fantastic coach. His deep caring, kindness and commitment towards his clients helps them to attract real impressive results into their lives quickly! He communicates his ideas in a clear and effective way, has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon, and has an immense ability to get to the very core of any relationship issue, a true pro! I’ve really enjoyed & learned from Dave’s quality content & and it served as an amazing resource to help me along on my journey to finding the love of my life! Thank you Dave!!”

– Amy

Love Of A Lifetime In 1 Week?!?

“Chalk up another success! Thanks to your incredible help with my dating profile, I connected with Pete almost immediately and we had our first date just about a week after my profile went live! I knew it was good but I didn’t expect it to work THAT fast! And just to make it all even more perfect, after dinner on that first date…we attended your Legendary Love workshop in New York City!! So you actually joined us on our first date – and now, two and a half years later – we are planning our wedding. You really helped us get off to a great start immediately and even Pete said thanks to you and Katrina we are living our LEGENDARY LOVE!!! Thank you so much!!!”

– Karen

Learning To Love – And Trust – Again

“I first reached out to Dave after I realized that my trust issues and unresolved issues from my past were not bringing out the best in me. And to make matters worse, I had just met a great guy and I was afraid that I might screw it up entirely.

Dave really helped me heal some of those old wounds and show up a lot more confident with my guy. At the same time, he helped me learn to understand him better and not worry as much so Instead of messing things up, our relationship continued to deepen and grow. Now, today, we’re engaged and thanks to Dave and his insight, we’re excited for our future together!”

– Nahla B.

Hope After Infidelity

“I met Dave when I was in an 8 year long relationship with a man I thought was the love of my life (until) he cheated on me and I was devastated. He did a session with us both to see if we could save the relationship…(but)…ultimately, that relationship ended.

Two years later, I met another man and I started coaching one-on-one with Dave because I felt like my heart was guarded due to my past negative experiences. In fact, at one point, I even considered ending things during a stressful period. Dave helped me work through it and thank God we did. This man has committed to me beyond what I could have ever imagined a partner could commit. Even though we’ve had to work to get to know each other on a deep intimate level, we’re so in love, we got engaged! We run a business together. We’re also planning to buy a house, start a family and travel the world – everything that was aligned with my true values.

If I hadn’t done coaching with Dave, I don’t think we would be together. I used to have my guard up and live in my masculine but that energy was not going to attract a man that I wanted. I look at my fiancé now and feel so loved and protected like I’ve never felt before or believed possible. Thank you Dave. I can’t express in words what your work has done for the trajectory of my life.”


From Far Apart To Growing Together Again

“I was reluctant to try…relationship coaching…(but) Dave surprised me. I remember on the 1st session when Chris (boyfriend at the time) was concerned about how I interacted with my family…I wasn’t comfortable with changing the closeness that my family and I shared. Our openness was safe. Protective. Dave said “well why should she have to change? That was shocking because not everyone understands the dynamics of a Caribbean large family. Whether Dave understood it or not, he knew how important it was to me. The compromise, “work around” was just that Chris didn’t necessarily have to share what I feel for my family but accept and respect it. That’s when my trust started with Dave. I am proud to say that I am engaged today to my partner, friend and man of my dreams. Not just because of who he is but who we are together as we learned skills and techniques to grow together. Of course, I’m an awesome woman and my fiance is an incredible man. Its certainly easy to see the good and greatness in your partner and the relationship when times are good. But when you go through difficult challenges and you’re ready to throw in the towel, it’s phenomenal to know you have a coach who can support you. Thank you Dave Elliott!”

– KerryAnne

She Felt A Shift In Our Very First Call!

I was pretty unaware of how I was showing up to dates and meeting strangers, after the end of a turbulent relationship. I had actually lost sight of my strengths, my abilities and the faith in my own instincts, and was pretty negative about myself, undermining and overshadowing everything good about me. In our first introductory call, I cannot remember the words, but there was a shift in the feeling of who I was and how I was being. Almost two years after that first call, I was about to turn 30 and the fear of that number reminded me of the ‘good’ feeling of the intro call. I reconnected with Dave and we worked through my fears and lack of faith in myself. He was able to, arduously, dig out my true wants in a relationship and helped me immensely in finding my value. There were many first dates after that in which I had moments of realization of how poorly I was portraying my true self. After extensive work, I remember being so confident, happy and lively during my first date with my now-fiance, that it turned the previously self proclaimed non-persistent man into the most persistent man I have ever met! There are times we need to look into a mirror to see if there’s a part of our appearance that is incongruent with our intent. Dave was that mirror for me.

– Vanita

She Did The Work & Love Appeared!

“I first reached out to Dave when I realised that although I didn’t have a problem meeting men, I seemed to perhaps choose the wrong ones, or attract the wrong ones. I wanted to understand why this may have been happening or whether I was selling myself short. I really enjoyed my coaching with Dave, he was so attentive and even on occasions where I had an “emergency” would message me outside of our coaching sessions to resolve what I thought were urgent issues at the time!

I used to feel that maybe there was something wrong with me, why couldn’t I hold down a man?! Dave made me realise my worth by giving me at-home tasks to do in between our sessions, as well as delving deep into my life from a younger age, it all really helped. Dave’s final bit of advice is what actually sealed the deal for me, and within a few weeks I had met my man!

Thank you Dave, you have a wonderful gift and I would not hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know!”

– Manisha

Getting Out Of Your Own Way

“When my partner and I were dating, we ran in to a huge disagreement and just could not seem to solve it. We easily could have broken up for good but that’s when we started working with Dave Elliott. With his help, we were able to finally resolve our problem and at the same time, we also took our entire relationship to another whole new level. Today, we’ve been married for years and I simply don’t know where I’d be without him. In fact, we were both so grateful to Dave, we asked him to sign our marriage certificate as the legal witness and he flew across the country to be there! Words can’t describe what he did for us. You owe it to yourself to see what he can do for you.”

Heather­­­­­­­­ O.

From Struggling To Snuggling…Again

“I met Dave at one of the hardest times of my life. I was going through a divorce and I was ready to stop hurting. Dave has been with me every step of the way and showed me how I can make love my greatest need and get out of my own way. I have felt so much love and compassion from Dave on my journey and I absolutely would not be here without him. He helped me realize that I am worthy of this amazing love and man that I have in my life now.”

-Bridget M.

Success Leaves Clues

“I am eternally grateful for Dave’s coaching. He gave me insight into how I was sabotaging myself in relationships in the past. With his guidance, I developed tools to recognize when I am slipping back into bad habits. Now my husband and I could not be happier. Thank you, Dave. ”

-Becky R.

Steering In A Better Direction

“I really honor and respect your work and I truly appreciate the coaching sessions you gave me. You are awesome! Thank you, Dave!”


Self Love Instead Of Self-Sabotage

“When I first read Dave’s articles on The Daily Love, it was like he was talking to me…I was struggling in my relationships after my divorce. I had no idea that my fears and insecurities from the past were STILL sabotaging me years later. I thought I had dealt with that but as Dave pointed out, ‘Results don’t lie.’ With his help, I was finally able to get back my smile and my confidence around guys…and that changed EVERYTHING! It wasn’t even hard or scary at all – I looked forward to every session. Looking back, I only wish I had done it sooner instead of struggling for so long! If you’re tired of the struggle like I was and you just want a better way, you owe it to yourself to talk with Dave.”

-Rachael D.

Dreams Come True When You Don’t Give Up

“I was widowed years ago and tried online dating years later. I had some bad experiences (including a restraining order) and it took a long time to get over it. I was single for 11 years. I got some help from Dave and within two months, I started dating this gentleman…and it really is effortless! I’m in such a happy place in this relationship! (He’s) fantastic with my children! And now we’re married! We feel so blessed and thankful to you, Dave!”

-Miki K.

From Self-Doubt To Self Love

“I once thought I’d never fall in love and find my husband to be and my best friend. After many struggles, I thought there was something wrong. Was it me? Was it the men I was dating? With frustration in the air, Dave Elliott’s name crossed my path so I gave him a call. With speculation in my voice during the first consultation, Dave quickly changed my tone to hope and optimism to finding true love. Through a couple of months of working with Dave, I was able to conquer my relationship pitfalls and find my soul mate, Alex. Now I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

Dave Elliott has a powerful gift and I owe many thanks to him. I am unsure where I would be in relationships with men if I hadn’t picked up the phone that day. Thank you Dave for being a part of my life journey.”

-Jenny H.

Success Leaves Clues

“I first met Dave while attending one of his Legendary Love seminars. His talk that day struck a very deep chord, and I realized instantly I had a lot of work to do so I could meet the man of my dreams. I was stuck in an unhealthy pattern at the time. I worked with Dave over several months and slowly began rediscovering my feminine side and the negative patterns that were keeping me from my heart’s desire. Fast forward to today. I met and married a wonderful man named Mark who is everything I want in a life mate and more. I am incredibly happy. It took a lot of work on my part; however, I would not have ended here without the wisdom and guidance of Dave. If you too want your happy ending, I highly recommend work with him.”

-Jennifer M.

Saving The Date

“Two months before my wedding, I started to feel pressure to resolve conflicts in my relationship that had been swept under the rug in previous months. I knew that I wanted to enter a marriage with a heart full of love and excitement, not the stress and anxiety I was feeling on a daily basis.

I was so fortunate to meet Dave who offered my fiancé and I a consultation to get to know us first. During that first hour, we started talking to each other in a way that we had not done for many months before planning the wedding. With Dave’s assistance, mediation, guidance, and his support, my fiancé and I were able to speak to each other and resolve some big issues that kept us stuck.

I walked into my marriage full of hope, so much love for my now husband, and pure joy.

Both my fiancé and I credit Dave for his honesty, his feedback, his education, and all of the information he provided us so that we could be married. I recommend Dave to anybody who is going through any relationship issue at all.

Ethel B.

From Stuck To Sticking Together

“In all the stress and anxiety of trying to plan the “perfect” destination wedding with family and friends, my dream wedding was rapidly turning into a nightmare! With all the stress of family issues, finances, career struggles and more, tempers were flaring and my husband-to-be and I were caught in the middle of what was more and more seeming like an impossible situation. It was getting to the point where calling the whole thing off was a real possibility. That’s when I reached out to Dave for help and it made all the difference in the world. He helped me get re-centered in what I already knew and focused on solutions instead of problems. His support made a huge difference at a time when I was just feeling overwhelmed and really stuck. I’m really glad to say that thanks to Dave’s help, our wedding did go off as planned and it was wonderful event for all. Now my husband and I are reconnected and back on the same page again and I’m so grateful. We’re even ready to start trying for our 2nd baby!”

– Laury

Irish Blessings

“I met Dave years ago when I heard him speak. He opened up our eyes and hearts and taught us that we should value ourselves. Along the way we had one on one sessions and group sessions. Each making me stronger and realizing I was worth it. One day I met this amazing man, who thinks I’m fabulous and today he asked me to marry him. Dave has always been there when I needed him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Colleen D.

Bridging The Gaps For Greater Understanding

“It was nice to find out that some of the things we thought were so bad weren’t so bad…Dave’s knowledge of how men and women communicate differently really helps a couple in the early stages of a relationship! It sure helped us – we are actually married now!”

-Wendy B.

From Crisis To Opportunities

“I was going through a really tough time when I first started coaching with Dave. I was almost 40, struggling with a huge crisis in my career and had just broken up with the man I lived with and thought I would marry. Dave helped me to see where I was messing up in my relationships and he helped me understand men better and start to see my own value. He even helped me do an online dating profile but I didn’t even need it because I soon met a wonderful man and now we are married. I even found a new job doing exactly what I wanted to do and Dave’s advice was really helpful every step of the way.”

-Courtney R.

Tiffany Discovered A Gem!

“I had been dating online for years off and on without success. I seemed to find men who were not ready for commitment. Once I started working with Dave I realized that I was the one who was not ready to commit, so I was seeking out men who were unavailable.

I decided I did want a committed relationship, a partner and a best friend. Dave helped me change my profile and gave me guidance to help me find the right man. Dave also helped me realize that I was seeking validation from men and that validation comes from within. I started exercising and feeling great about myself. Dave changed my life in many ways!

Now I have met a man that adores me and treats me with kindness and respect. We are excited to spend our lives together.  I can’t thank Dave enough for all of his insight and guidance.”

-Tiffany L.

She Was Ready To Give Up…

“When I first met Dave I was single…I had pretty much given up hope… and officially given up looking for a perfect partner. I wasn’t really clear about how I wanted things and what I really wanted in a man. Talking to Dave & listening to his Man Magnetics Formula really helped me. I love the way he talks about male and female psychology. He really helped me. Then I met a wonderful man…and two months ago…I married him! If you are a single professional woman and you think there are not enough quality men out there, please talk to Dave and he will help you.”

– Noshin Q.

Imagine…You Can Actually ENJOY Dating!

“When I first met Dave, I (was) fresh out of a 5-year relationship. Dave helped me every step of the way! (He) showed me how my words and actions attracted the exact opposite of the man I was seeking. He helped me get clear on my value and gave me the confidence, and words, to express that to the world. Following his advice, I was able to clearly state what I wanted in a potential partner and this gave me the confidence to navigate around the people who didn’t fit that definition. I was now attracting the RIGHT people. Not only did Dave give me the tools to ENJOY dating, he motivated me to take my story to the world and inspire others to do the same! Dave is not only an expert full of great advice but he is a friend and motivator who truly wants you to find love.”

– Rita

From Not Believing To Finally Receiving!

“Dave helped me identify what he calls my R.O.O.T. (Relationship Origin Of Trauma) issues & tackle them… Once my self worth increased in certain areas, my confidence grew…This helped me to attract the man of my life. For those who have gone through childhood traumas and/or relationship traumas, Dave is an excellent resource to shed light on the gaps in someone’s life, and to help that individual grow from it. When I think back to when I started coaching almost 2 years ago, I hate to admit it, but I really didn’t believe that I would be able to find someone. Today, I’m in the most precious, beautiful, loving relationship with an amazing man. For that and for being my huge support system, I’m forever grateful for Dave’s coaching.”

– Ramya

Transformation In One Conversation!?!

“I was so grateful to get the opportunity to be coached by Dave Elliott. He was able to quickly call me out on an old BS story I was holding onto about who I thought I wanted to draw into my life. It was really about significance and what I thought I should want instead of what my heart was truly calling for. In one conversation he helped me to transform my vision and draw the perfect man into my life within 2 months! This weekend we got engaged! Thank you so much Dave!”

– Alissa

Some People Prefer A Private Celebration

“Over the years, I’ve helped a growing number of ladies heal their relationship wounds, understand men a lot better, communicate more effectively and just generally bring out the best in men so they don’t have to suffer through the worst from them. While they’re very grateful and appreciative, they preferred not to participate by sharing photos, quotes or names. I absolutely respect their privacy and that’s why this promo features stock photos and a quote from me to celebrate on their behalf. I’m still very proud of them and their success stories and at the same time, I honor their request for anonymity. Congratulations, ladies. Here’s to what I hope will be your very own Legendary Love For Life.”