RelationSHIFT Breakthrough 911

The In-Home Turnaround Program for Relationships in Trouble

Why break up when you can break through?!

When things are going badly in your intimate relationship, you need help & you need it FAST! Our F.A.S.T. Turnaround program is custom-designed specifically to solve your biggest challenges and resolve them for good.

We do it by literally spending 3 solid days with you and your partner during an in-home intervention where our only focus is what’s best for you and your relationship. Think of it as your own personal relationship reset button.

As relationship experts who travel the world and help people solve their biggest and most urgent relationship challenges, we have just what it takes to help you turn things around.

Just like in any endeavor, your performance is only as good as your Fundamentals. The first thing we do is assess what you already know and where the gaps lie that may be holding you back. We review your values to make sure they’re aligned or negotiated successfully. We assess your love strategies to make sure they match. We also check in on key indicators like trust, partnership, commitment and friendship.

Once we assess the critical areas and pinpoint your partnership’s unique problem spots, we shine a light on those specific areas and go to work on what needs to be done. In many cases, It’s simply isolating and identifying the exact root of the issues and re-presenting them in solvable terms. In other words, it’s the 20% of the problem that gets 80% of the results. Sometimes it requires a little education or training to shift but oftentimes, just identifying the root issue & resolving it collapses the resistance and brings all new hope.

Once we identify exactly where and how you got stuck, we can share new skills that have the power to transform everything. We will teach you these skills and practice them with you in order to help you achieve a level of mastery that will continue to work long after we leave. In addition, you’ll still have access to support and coaching even after our on-site coaching program has ended so rest assured, we’ll be there and have your back while you’re getting better and better every day.

Once we share our assessments, create new awareness and develop targeted action plans, you’re going to have a powerful and transformational toolbox from which to draw from no matter what challenges arise in the future. Once you have the tools, they’re yours to utilize and share with others forever. Plus, you still have access to us even if you need additional help or support.

Here’s why we’re the best option you’ve got:

  • Both of our first marriages ended in divorce so we know very well the pain, challenge and utter frustration of being unable to shift things. You will get our very best effort on your behalf.
  • Both Katrina and I are relationship experts with more than 30 years of experience combined studying with some of the top names in the field like Tony Robbins, Alison Armstrong, John Demartini, David Deida, Michaela Boehm and many more.
  • With that kind of experience, there probably isn’t too much we haven’t seen or dealt with in the past so you’re not going to make us nervous. Whatever’s going on, we’re going to handle it with dignity and honesty for everyone involved.
  • Our unique combination of compassion, candor and competency will give you your very best chance for a real, authentic turnaround and a foundation for future success.
  • We will continue to support you by video and phone long after the in-home portion of the program concludes. We’re committed to your turnaround even when we’re not around

If you’re not ready to give up, give us a call.

There IS one caveat though – in order to qualify for this program, you have to be accepted into it. If we don’t think you’re right for the program, we won’t waste your time or money.

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Costs for this program are calculated based on airfares and other traveling expenses in addition to our own fees. If you’re a good fit for the program, a written estimate and agreement will be presented for signatures prior to official acceptance.