So do you really want love more than anything?

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January 19, 2016
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April 21, 2018
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So do you really want love more than anything?

Take this assessment and you just might be surprised.

This time of year especially, a lot of people focus on big changes they want to make in the upcoming year that will change their quality of life. As you might expect, many single people want to focus on making it the year they attract the love and companionship they seek. Likewise, I see a lot of people who are in relationships that aren’t meeting their expectations who want to make some changes as well. Whether they want to seek a way to improve things, or if they are planning their exit, the one thing all of these very different scenarios have in common is that they will all claim that what they really want most of all is love.

But do they?

So many of my clients tell me they want to have love more than anything but then as we talk, oftentimes I start to uncover some hidden conflicts.

Or I’ll hear about sabotaging behaviors that get the best of them and prevent them from having the love they seek.

Or they’ll tell me about unresolved wounds or fears that prevent them from showing up at their best.

In other words, what they say they want…and what they’re doing…don’t match up so that creates a conflict.

The cost of that conflict

When your actions and goals aren’t in alignment, it’s nearly impossible to achieve what you want. When you’re not focused and stream-lined, it creates resistance and slows your progress. It makes it harder to make a simple decision and then act decisively. In fact, it nullifies many of the good things you have done and creates inconsistency. If that happens often enough, it can literally pull the rug out from under you and sabotage you again and again.

It’s time to make the invisible, visible

You can’t fix a problem you can’t even see. That’s why I want to share this free online assessment with you. I’ve been doing this work for about 14 years now and it has absolutely changed my life. In fact, understanding this one simple concept is one of the biggest game-changers I’ve ever discovered for me AND my clients. I recently took this assessment also and shared it with my wife and it led to some powerful conversations and actions. I’ve shared it with clients and it created all new breakthroughs for them as well.

Now I’m sharing it with you

I highly recommend you take a few moments to do this assessment. You might just get a few surprises that could be powerfully life-changing for you. Plus, as a bonus, I’ll make it even more valuable for you. If you do the assessment, you’ll get a link online to access the results. If you’d like to share that link with me, I’ll review it and do a free call with you to discuss what it means and how you can use it to have the life and love of your dreams.

Are you up for it?

Here’s the link:

Then after you get the link, email me your results at

I have no idea how many people will respond to this offer but if you’re serious about transforming your life, let’s set up a time to discuss how we can make that happen. Set up a time here:

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