Is Stress Harming Your Relationship?

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August 19, 2010
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October 5, 2010
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Is Stress Harming Your Relationship?

Stress Is A Killer: How safe is your relationship?

In 1988, after the Iran Air flight 655 was accidentally shot down by the US Navy cruiser Vincennes in the Persian Gulf, a Congressional hearing was launched to investigate the effects of stress on decision-making. As a Relationship Coach, I hear about their same findings playing out in real time in homes all over the world when there is ongoing disagreement between intimate partners. Basically, fear is fear….whether it’s in the form of a potential hostile aircraft…or the potential loss of love. Just take a look at the study’s key assumptions and findings:
Stress is affected by perception
Even under ideal situations, there is always a tendency for human beings to distort, delete or generalize information processed by the five senses. Under stress, that process is exacerbated greatly.
Competence in judgment is always compromised under stress
Anyone who’s ever over-reacted to a minor irritation knows this to be true…yet still it happens. Bottom line…when stress goes high, decision-making goes low.

Stress is related to information
For those who think unwelcome news is the worst, consider what happens when people stress out over NOT knowing something. Unfortunately, sometimes our worst fears come out of hiding when uncertainty clouds the picture. No news is definitely NOT always good news.
Stress narrows the focus of attention
Have you ever latched onto one little issue and gotten lost in overwhelm? Once the human nervous system goes into fight or flight, it’s a quick transition from nervousness to outright panic.
Dynamic environments impact on decision making
In a rapidly changing and developing scenario, the speed of decisions and their compounding effects increases uncertainty. The difference between RE-acting and responding makes all the difference in the world.
Stress affects behavior in emergencies
At the end of the day, fear is simply a primitive, hard-wired response to stimulus that is ironically designed to keep you safe. As strange as it may sound, there isn’t a tremendous difference physiologically between the fog of war…and the fear that comes with a loss of love. It still comes down to fight or flight.
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