May Your New Year Be Filled With All the Love You Deserve.

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December 11, 2012
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March 9, 2013
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May Your New Year Be Filled With All the Love You Deserve.

Here’s how I spent 2012 working to help you welcome even more love into your life in 2013…

I know many of us enter a new year with a combination of uncertainty for what the future will bring combined with hope for a bright future. I wanted to start the new year off absolutely right with a gift for you, my loyal friends, fans and followers. The gift I wish for you more than anything is the gift of an amazing Legendary Love For Life and the feeling of a life unfolding in a way that serves your own highest and best good – as well as that of others.

I’ve been preparing for this moment all year

Last year was a time of incredible growth for me in so many aspects. In fact, I spent the last couple of years investing in myself so I could bring even more of my gifts forward in a way that would allow me to serve even more and on a wider scale than ever. To be sure, I have grown emotionally, spiritually and physically and I truly hope that is evident in what I’m about to share. As I look back on my body of work, I’m very proud of what I’ve created – and I’m confident that what I’m about to share is my best work to date.

So what is it, you ask?

I’m very excited to introduce you to my latest project and unveil it publicly for the very first time for my closest friends. It’s called The ManMagnetics Formula™ and it’s a completely brand new site designed to help my primary clients – single or divorced women – learn how to stop struggling in their relationships with men. (For the record, some of this info could prove very helpful for those of you who are married also) 😉 Specifically, I teach women how to bring out the very best in men – rather than suffering through their worst – by understanding the 9 exact things on every man’s secret checklist of what he needs in a relationship…and it just happens to fit neatly into the acronym M.A.G.N.E.T.I.C.S. How convenient is that? Then, I also teach them how to fully understand and appreciate the differences – and benefits – of polarity, not to mention, how to communicate most effectively with a man in a way that greatly enhances the likelihood that you’ll be able to get him to step up and meet your needs, rather than digging in his heels or disappearing.

Wait…it gets better

All of this information I just mentioned…it’s all yours FREE in a series of videos that I recorded over the last several months. That’s right, absolutely FREE. This isn’t a series of short 2-minute videos either. I’m talking about TWO HOURS of of some of my most valuable coaching content and training. That’s at least $300 worth of coaching – and it’s totally yours for free because I’m committed to doing whatever I can to bring even more love, peace and understanding into the world. Now it may not be the slickest Hollywood production you’ve ever seen, but the content is very solid and packed with value – and for that matter, the production is getting better all the time, too.

Please go check it out and tell me what you think

I can just about guarantee that no matter how knowledgable or successful you are in your own relationships, there will be some very useful and valuable nuggets you do not yet know that will serve you – perhaps even change your life. I truly hope so – that’s why I created this material. And it’s also why I shared it with you – my tribe – before I shared it anywhere else.

May I ask a favor?

Once you check it out and see for yourself what I’ve created, I would really appreciate it if you would simply hit the “like” button on the FaceBook interface below the video. In fact, I would really appreciate it if you would comment, forward it to people who would appreciate it and benefit from it, Tweet it or basically share it in any way you see fit. As I mentioned, I am committed to being a powerful force for good by helping to create even more love on the planet. It would be a lot easier to accomplish that by asking for a little help from my friends.

One more thing…

As I already said, there are 4 absolutely FREE videos that are packed with valuable content. I should also tell you that for those who are interested in going deeper, there is also an optional 6-session web coaching module that is designed to serve those who aren’t yet in the loving relationship they desire – but they are committed to doing what it takes to change that. This incredibly laser-focused program features some of my very best material and focuses on the past, present and future in a way that is elegant, effective and efficient. Over the course of 6 video sessions that can be revisited over and over, we will choose a more effective love strategy, eliminate old limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, get real clarity on calling in Mr Right, focus on her own gifts and value, create a solid “marketing plan” to attract her man and create a compelling future that is exciting, juicy and incredibly appealing. If you think that sounds impressive, wait until you hear what MY CLIENTS say about it!

Click here to see the testimonials!

By the way, there’s a very special HUGE pre-launch deal in place for those who purchase before January 19th…so please…if you know a terrific woman who really wants an incredible man in her life…please hit the button below and share this with her. She just might spend the rest of her life thanking you for it!


Let’s make it a beautiful, blessed and love-filled new year for all!!

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