How To Make Your Relationship A Masterpiece

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October 14, 2011
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November 13, 2011
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How To Make Your Relationship A Masterpiece

If you want your relationship to be a work of art, 
here’s something to think about…

Don’t you just love it when inspiration hits you?!?! Recently, I was talking with a brand new client and as I was explaining how polarity really works, I came up with an incredible metaphor out of the blue that really drives home the point in a way that’s easy to understand and appreciate quickly. Naturally, since it’s so good, I just had to share to with you… 😉 

Relationships are like a coloring book

Okay, I know what you’re thinking…how is a coloring book like a “work of art,” much less, a masterpiece? Good question. Let me explain.

Masculinity Creates The Outline

In my coloring book analogy, think of the black outlines as the essence of core masculinity in action. The black lines give the image form and structure. They are steady, solid, clear and easily discernible. There is no ambiguity. What you see is what you get. The lines are simple and well-defined.

On their own, these lines form a perfect framework that is elegant in its simplicity. However, one challenge of this no-frills representation is that it could be considered very one-dimensional. It lacks depth, texture, tonality or any shades of gray. In fact, you might say it’s a little flat, emotionless and unexciting…somewhat like the masculine experience itself.

Femininity Brings The Beauty and Expression

Now, think of the feminine essence as the beautiful palette of breathtaking colors that has the power to bring this relatively dull and drab rendering to life. With its limitless supply of vibrant hues, the feminine supplies all the colors of the rainbow. One minute, the colors can be bright and cheerful…the next, dark and ominous…but they are always free-flowing. With these colors, you can access the entire range of human emotion…and when the playful spirit moves her, she may even color outside the lines.

On their own, these colors may seem incredibly random and even beyond understanding, on occasion. In fact, they might even seem arbitrary or just plain non-sensical…but that is the essence of feminine energy in motion. It is the power of life itself and while it may occasionally be directed…it will never be contained. Only appreciated.

So Which One Is Better?

As you can see, it takes both color AND form to create a well-defined work of art. One is no better than the other; only different. The truth is, both energies have their limitations when divided. Form without depth or color is dull and uninteresting. Splashing colors without definition or focus are muddled and unproductive.

But When They Come Together…

That’s when the magic happens! Something beautiful occurs naturally when both form and color come together in breath-taking union. It’s the same way with masculinity & femininity. When both energies are fully present – and there is complete appreciation for the innate gifts that both represent – that’s when something beautiful, inspiring and life-affirming is being created. Now if that’s not a work of art, I don’t know what is…

Can You See How Transformational This Can Be?

I hope this analogy helps you to access a new appreciation for the inherent gifts that both energies bring when united. Too often, we make those gifts wrong when we don’t understand them and assume someone is misbehaving when, in fact, they are not. I believe that simple appreciation alone is the critical distinction between an unfulfilling “joint venture” of sorts – and what I like to call a Legendary Love For Life.

I always welcome & look forward to any feedback you may have on this or any other distinction I share.

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