Are you the flower or the bee?

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May 2, 2012
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May 30, 2012
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Are you the flower or the bee?

When it comes to finding true love, remember the flower and the bee before you even think of the birds and the bees.

Recently I was working with a client who found herself back on the dating market again after way too much time invested with the wrong guy. The truth is, dating is a lot like marketing yourself to potential matches so I shared a nugget of wisdom I got from one of my mentors, marketing expert for the experts, Brendon Burchard.

The flowers and the bees

Brendon teaches experts how to stop buzzing around feverishly like busy little bees when trying to market themselves. Instead, he teaches you to be the flower that ATTRACTS all the bees TO YOU. Not only is that infinitely smarter…it’s also great dating advice!

Think about this…

A gorgeous flower is the very epitome of feminine beauty. People are drawn to flowers because of what they are in their natural state. They are beautiful. Eye-catching. Light. Bright. Vibrant. Colorful. Appealing. Sometimes a little delicate. Happy. Sweet-smelling. Intoxicating. Flowers can brighten any room and bloom right where they’re planted. They have a way of grabbing your attention and changing your state immediately. Even those who are very focused and possibly even distracted understand the wisdom of stopping to smell the flowers. Yes, I realize flowers sometimes have thorns and aren’t all sweetness and light all the time…but for now, I think you see that flowers and femininity go together like, well…flowers and femininity. The only thing in this world that attracts men is that very “light” of feminine energy that is perfectly represented by the flower.

Now about the bees…

The bee represents absolute masculinity. He’s a hard worker on a mission and is very focused on providing. His job is to collect all the honey he can in the shortest amount of time possible. He’s not interested in wasting time. He has a job to do and he’s very linear in his thinking. Even though he rarely lets his emotions get the best of him, sometimes he gets so overwhelmed by the sheer volume in the garden that he buzzes from one flower to the next, eager to soak up all the honey he can get. He also knows that when he’s not busy providing for the other bees who rely upon him, it’s also his duty to protect. Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of disturbing a hive quickly discovers a relentless swarm that will readily die in defense of the greater good. These masculine traits, when admired and appreciated, only serve the feminine.

This seems like a good time for the usual disclaimer

I’m talking about masculine and feminine ENERGY…this is not necessarily about gender, although it certainly applies. The concepts are at work in same-sex relationships as well. Polarity is kind of like gravity in that it’s always at work whether you know it, like it, understand it or even agree with it. When it’s not working…you’ll know it. I suggest that your life will work better when you align yourself with the natural laws of the Uni-verse…and that’s why I teach it.

There’s a time to be a bee…and a time to be the flower

Once it was clear that my client was back on the market, it was time to expend a little “bee” energy and take some action. We started by getting her clear on exactly how the masculine mind processes the world and what he’s looking for in a partner. Then we created a very effective “marketing plan” to put her in proximity with some excellent prospects and developed a really compelling dating profile on line that wasn’t your typical rehashed nonsense that everyone writes. Essentially, we got her to “bloom” in order to attract plenty of bees. Of course, we also got her crystal clear on what she wanted and didn’t want; not to mention, her “must-haves” and absolute “deal-breakers” so we weren’t wasting time or precious energy.

Shifting into flower mode

My client is a beautiful, intelligent, fit and accomplished woman who has been quite successful. In short, she is a total catch for the man who’s lucky enough to capture her heart. Now that we’ve taken the action to make her the brightest flower in the field, we know it’s actually the power of attraction that will get the job done. With the work we’ve done together, she will know and communicate her value clearly but humbly. She will be approachable and happy. Engaging and confident. Playful and fun. In short, she’s going to be the kind of woman that a guy needs to take off the market before someone else gets her first…because masculine energy hates to lose.

How The Flower Captivates The Bee

Flowers never try to “catch” a bee…but they have been known to captivate a bee with their intoxicating essence. They do it by taking his breath away and making him WANT to stay and savor their sweet nectar. They do it by understanding that together, they insure the survival of all life on earth and that they fit together perfectly. Flowers know that bees need honey to live and rather than make that wrong, they embrace that fact and open to the perfection of nature. Flowers also know that without the pollination of the bees…there are no more flowers in bloom. As a coach, I see a lot of women who are dating at a manic pace, driving agendas and very much living in their masculine energy. They don’t even realize they are actually “bee repellant.”

Sweet Perfection

If this metaphor makes sense to you, you may have a better understanding of the natural beauty and absolute perfection of masculine and feminine energy in the universe. And for the ladies who embrace this new knowledge and nurture the divine feminine within themselves…well, let’s just say you may find yourself accepting a lot more flowers in the very near future. If you want to insure that happens – and allow it to happen sooner – contact me and I’ll be happy to provide the help you need.

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