Our Mission


A Legendary Love for Life is a division of MPower Unlimited, Incorporated, a Peak Performance coaching organization founded by Dave Elliott.

It’s mission is to serve the greater good by providing the full spectrum of products, teaching and coaching services that support human connection at the deepest levels.

As a Neurostrategist and Coach who is known for getting results with a variety of techniques that enable rapid transformational change, Dave Elliott has used his extensive training and life’s experience to focus on helping people navigate the uncertainties of their most intimate relationships. His specialty is helping women learn to understand men and work with them much more effectively in order to bring out the very best in them…rather than suffering through the worst from them.

After his own marriage ended in a painful and disappointing divorce, Dave used that experience to drive him to discover just what it takes to create A Legendary Love for Life. After researching and learning about everything he could find in the field of human relationships, he used his past experience as an award-winning ad man to take the very best information he could find and perfect it to make it easier to learn, more memorable and even more effective.

One example of this experience is the proprietary system Dave created and developed for rapid relationship turnaround known as The H.U.G. & K.I.S.S. Hierarchy. Now available on CD, in just 38 minutes, this breakthrough audio program will help you elicit and unlock your partner’s – or your own – exact love and attraction strategy. This technique is incredibly powerful and transformational because it essentially gives you the exact combination that will open your partner’s heart any and every time so they feel loved inexactly the way they NEED to be loved.

In addition, Dave is also the author of The Catch Your Match Formula™, a book that demonstrates that dating websites do, in fact, work very well – it’s poorly developed dating profiles that don’t work. In the book, Dave combines his advertising copywriting and relationship expertise to teach people exactly how to create the kind of dating site profile that cuts through the clutter, immediately stands out from the crowd and gets results. His clients who’ve tested and proved his formula have already seen their page views go through the roof – plus they also report an immediate difference in the quality of the responses received – even for those who’ve had active profiles for some time!


One client even watched her profile crack the Top 100, most-viewed profiles in all of Australia in just EIGHT DAYS!

Inspired and taught by one of the world’s foremost authorities on peak performance psychology, when he’s not coaching his own clients, Dave travels around the nation working with groups and individuals supporting Anthony Robbins events. It was in that environment that Dave met his amazing partner, Katrina, also a fellow Senior Leader and relationship trainer.

Today, Dave & Katrina are now married and, themselves, travel around the world to teach others the awareness and the tools they need to transform their own lives and relationships. Together, they have a mission to travel the world to touch, move and inspire others to create their own Legendary Love for Life.

When you combine Dave’s personal experience with his raw creativity, exceptional training and passion to serve, you and/or your relationship can only benefit. If you want more love in your life right now, we’d love to help you create your very own Legendary Love for Life.

These are just a few of the world-famous mentors that have inspired and influenced Dave in his work with others:


Best-selling author and speaker
Marianne Williamson


Quantum Physics master and star of the film “The Secret,”
John Demartini


Spiritual leader and star of the film “The Secret,”
Michael Bernard Beckwith


New york Times Bestseller, Human Psychology &
Relationships Pioneer, Dr. Barbara DeAngelis