The H.U.G. & K.I.S.S. Hierarchy CD Program

This powerful audio program from the Transformation Toolkit series is designed to be a game changer. If you have trouble in your relationship…or if you just need some good advice to take it to the next level…or if you want to learn how to make your next relationship A Legendary Love for Life, this audio will give you the secret to a long-lasting love affair that never ends. Developed by Relationship Coach, Dave Elliott, this recording will give you the framework to understand how you can love your partner the way they NEED to be loved. So many people go into relationship hoping for the best – but then they make the same old mistakes that bring out their worst. This program will give you the tools to KNOW exactly how to own your partner’s heart and soul. In fact, it’s so powerful, you don’t even need both partners working together…one partner can transform a relationship and bring it back from the edge when they understand these secrets. We all deserve more love…wouldn’t right NOW be a great time to get it?
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Layout 1The Catch Your Match Formula

How To Create An Online Dating Profile That Really Gets Results!

Authored by Dave Elliott
Edition: 1

Every year, people throw more than $1 BILLION into online dating – but 80% of those people come up empty-handed, frustrated, disillusioned and even broken-hearted. But it’s not because online dating doesn’t work…Online dating DOES work! It’s bad dating profiles that don’t work!If you want to create an online dating profile that gets results, you’re going to fall in love with The Catch Your Match Formula(tm). Written by international relationship expert and dating coach, Dave Elliott, this book is a must have if you want to stop wasting time and draw in the right prospects while weeding out the wrong ones. It also helps you articulate what you want – and what you don’t – in an incredibly compelling and articulate way so that great prospects seek out and pursue you!Dave wrote this innovative and ground-breaking new book after watching too many of his clients struggle in frustration. After one look at their profiles, he knew why. Online daters seldom realize that their dating profiles are ADVERTISEMENTS and an ad that doesn’t GENERATE A RESPONSE is a useless waste of time, money and effort! Most people fill their profiles with a bunch of random wants, needs, demands and complaints that interest no one. Is it any wonder why they’re failing?

In this powerfully simple new book, Dave Elliott uses his expertise in human motivational psychology and relationship coaching – plus his nearly 25 years of experience as an award-winning ad agency writer and producer – to help you defy the odds and discover the secret to finding love online: It’s a lot easier to Catch Your Match when you finally realize you’re the one who’s a great catch! Pick up this book today and start creating a love story of your own…the kind that comes with a very happy ending!

Publication Date:   Feb 20 2015
ISBN/EAN13:  1508544557 / 9781508544555
Page Count:   210
Binding Type:   US Trade Paper
Trim Size:   6″ x 9″
Language:   English
Color:   Black and White with Bleed
Related Categories:    Family & Relationships / Marriage & Long Term Relationships

Igniting The S.P.A.R.K.S.™
The Secrets To A Legendary Love For Life
This powerful teleseminar answers the question: “How do you transform a relationship when you love your partner…but you’re not “in love?” Find out Dave Elliott’s S.P.A.R.K.S. Formula™ for relationship transformation. Click on the link below to listen.