You took the time and made the effort to shine a light on some of your own deeply-rooted and likely invisible tendencies and here are the results. These unique drives are specific to you and while they likely developed in the dark by default – they are not permanent or unchangeable. The only thing you’d need to begin shifting them is the new awareness this assessment brings AND a clear vision of what and why you may want to change.
For a deeper understanding of each of the 6 needs of your Human Motivational Psychology, click on the plus sign to the right of each banner. That will reveal some additional information regarding some of the various benefits, drawbacks, opportunities for growth and specific risks each preference may represent. Consider carefully. This one “global” change in your “operating system” has the power to change your whole life – just like it changed mine.
Here’s some further insight into reading your score:
• 0-14 points could be considered LOW IMPORTANCE
• 15-29 points could be considered MODERATE IMPORTANCE
• 30-44 points could be considered HIGH IMPORTANCE
• 45-60 points could be considered CRITICAL IMPORTANCE
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What now?

These results may seem simple but they really do have the power to transform your life – if you know what to do with them. Here are a few powerful suggestions that will help make the most of this new information.

  1. Print out your results as a valuable reminder for you.
  2. Share them with Dave and request a debrief to learn more about how this info and coaching can transform your life
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  3. Share them with your significant other if you have one and share what you learned. Plus, you may want to share the link with your partner and compare your results to see how you align – and where you might be running into conflict
  4. Consider sharing this link with any friends, colleagues or family members who are interested in personal development. The greatest gift you can give yourself is an empowered and motivated peer group.
  5. If you got some value form this exercise, consider paying it forward so it can continue to be available for others.  Please consider donating via PayPal to help cover hosting and maintenance costs.