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The Catch Your Match Formula

How To Create An Online Dating Profile That Really Gets Results!
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Every year, people throw more than $1 BILLION into online dating – but 80% of those people come up empty-handed, frustrated, disillusioned and even broken-hearted. But it’s not because online dating doesn’t work…Online dating DOES work! It’s bad dating profiles that don’t work!If you want to create an online dating profile that gets results, you’re going to fall in love with The Catch Your Match Formula(tm). Written by international relationship expert and dating coach, Dave Elliott, this book is a must have if you want to stop wasting time and draw in the right prospects while weeding out the wrong ones. It also helps you articulate what you want – and what you don’t – in an incredibly compelling and articulate way so that great prospects seek out and pursue you!Dave wrote this innovative and ground-breaking new book after watching too many of his clients struggle in frustration. After one look at their profiles, he knew why. Online daters seldom realize that their dating profiles are ADVERTISEMENTS and an ad that doesn’t GENERATE A RESPONSE is a useless waste of time, money and effort! Most people fill their profiles with a bunch of random wants, needs, demands and complaints that interest no one. Is it any wonder why they’re failing?

In this powerfully simple new book, Dave Elliott uses his expertise in human motivational psychology and relationship coaching – plus his nearly 25 years of experience as an award-winning ad agency writer and producer – to help you defy the odds and discover the secret to finding love online: It’s a lot easier to Catch Your Match when you finally realize you’re the one who’s a great catch! Pick up this book today and start creating a love story of your own…the kind that comes with a very happy ending!

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Authored by Dave Elliott

Edition: 1


Publication Date:   Feb 20 2015

ISBN/EAN13:  1508544557 / 9781508544555

Page Count:   210

Binding Type:   US Trade Paper

Trim Size:   6″ x 9″

Language:   English

Color:   Black and White with Bleed

Related Categories:    Family & Relationships / Marriage & Long Term Relationships

Testimonials & Book Reviews

Check out these 5-Star reviews and listen to what people are saying about “The Catch Your Match Formula” and Dave Elliott…

"I want to share the success I had with Dave’s book, The Catch Your Match Formula. I was widowed years ago & tried online dating years later. I had some bad experiences (including a restraining order) and it took a long time to get over it. I‘ve been single 11 years. I was told about Dave’s book & decided I would try it. I filled out my profile…and within 2 months, I started dating this gentleman…and it really is effortless. I’m in such a happy place in this relationship. (He’s) fantastic with my children! We see a future together. We’re talking about marriage. We just really click."

– Miki K.



“I just have to say that this book is brilliant!! I mean that!! This book helped me write a profile that is not only aligned with who I am but also helped me get more responses than I have gotten in almost 10 years of previous on line dating experience :)) It’s mind blowing!! I received over 140 emails + over 80 winks and I am not sure how many likes in 14 days! (When you add in the ones from the 2nd site) I have over 300 emails in 2 weeks…and they keep coming :))

I got more response now at 44 than back in the day at 34 and it’s not because of my looks!! I’ve always looked like this. It’s because of what I wrote!!! I think we are so self conscious of our physical appearance that often forget that what we say is even more important then how we look.

People don’t realize what a difference this makes!!”




“OK LADIES, LISTEN UP…. if you are doing online dating, or if you are thinking about it but not sure if it’s for you, then you seriously need to read this book. This book helped me to beautifully recreate my profile and the results have been phenomenal!! I am not exaggerating. Since I made the changes I have had 5 ‘high quality’ dates in one week and the messages keep coming!! Many of these guys specifically compliment and reference things I have written that this book helped me ‘soften’ to make more appealing to the male mind while still being true to who I am. As a love and relationship coach myself, I thought I had a pretty good working knowledge of all this stuff, but let’s face it, the hardest thing to do sometimes is to write about yourself in a ‘selling’ capacity which is what profiles are. I strongly encourage you to let Dave Elliott’s book help you to find the love of your life!”

Debra Faith

Essential Wisdom – the new book coming soon!

This ground-breaking new book on “Self Awareness” highlights a shift in how we see the different areas of our human life and Dave Elliott was chosen to be one of the 33 industry-leading experts and coaches who will be featured in this amazing book. His chapter focuses on the specific skills and tips on how to attract, create or transform a marriage into a Legendary Love For Life.

In subsequent chapters, Dave’s co-authors, who are also some of today’s cutting edge thought leaders and unique voices, will each take on a different area of human experience and character. For example, this book takes the reader on a journey of personal mastery in such areas as relationships, money, self-esteem, overcoming fears, communication, time management and many other transformative ways for the reader to achieve positive results and success in all areas that make up human life.

"Life is much simpler than we have been led to believe, and I can’t think of a better, more efficient way of going through life, than having a map of the landscape in your pocket. Essential Wisdom is your map and the GPS to navigate it easily and joyfully. This wisdom will live in your heart for a lifetime.”

– Joseph McClendon III

Best Selling Co-Author “Power Thoughts” | Tony Robbins No.1 Performance Coach | Featured Speaker Tony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within | Founder - Succelleration Research Group

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Decisive Women

Foreword Written by Dave Elliott

With a chapter by Dave’s wife, Katrina Tse

Decisive Women is a deeply personal collection of women’s stories triumphing over the challenges in life. The women use decisive strategies leading them to the desires of their heart. As a Coach who regularly hears the most intimate thoughts and feelings of so many women all over the world, Dave’s perspective offered a unique insight into the feminine psyche and her relationship to decisiveness.

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